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There'll be no songs sung for you laid in a pauper's grave. There'll be no shots fired for you laid in a pauper's grave. And I knew when he spoke the word he knew that I spoke the truth. His heart was dark. Buried deep under the earth. Paved over by streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. My gaze was sharp and it cut his heart. He bled black. Black blood. Black like a doll's eyes. Black like a shark's eyes rolled back in his head. Staring straight up at his skull. There was smoke. Second hand smoke. Drifting under the cracks in the doors. Filling up your baths and your drawers. Staining walls and staining teeth. Yellow like wolf's eyes and night. So he drifted across the county line just beyond the river and below the pine. Found work in a labor camp. He made love to a local tramp. Burned bridges and played cards. Threw dice in closed down bars. But he didn't make a single friend. He through himself from a bridge in the end. And there was smoke. Second hand smoke. There was dirt. Loose old dirt.
Tradewind 05:01
Keep my rats in your prayers. Say their name's aloud. Hold your tongue. Cross your heart. Death disavowed. On a trade wind they'll rise again. White wash your thoughts of all their sin. I own the darkest night and all in them. Red waves of fresh fleas bites. Our souls condemn. Weaving spiders go not near their silken shroud. Keep my rats in your prayers. Say their name's aloud. Upon this haunted alter of whale bone. Their was a covenant. Their was promise. And it was carved in stone. I sleep where the water leaks and I eat where the wood creaks at night. I call to the South Wind: "Let me see my some again tonight." I call to the North Wind: "Let me gaze on him again, alright?" On the backs of, in the arms of, White Feet, White Wings, White Hands.
Stay True 05:38
Fall from that cliff every night and die in that dream. Drown in the fog, in the light. Swallow every scream. I haven't earned a long life. I don't deserve it at all. I weave together selfish acts. Empty but colorful. I know I will expire before my work is done. I'm the last of my name. Unwed, undone son. Stretched and stained this tapestry. Torn and frayed its majesty. Our past has caved in. Our love was cut off. Its cashed out. Its timed out. That clock has stopped. Just one long cool draft as I fall to my death tonight in my head. I gotta take my glasses off. I gotta look away. This blurred out creature without a name. Do you know just how many times I looked away from you? Every spell cast was call for you to stay true.
With a poacher's lust for innocence we gathered supplies and a pastor's love of sacrament, said our goodbyes. We knew the time had come as the stars aligned. Smoke signals, celestial bodies, summoned us to the skies. Life on the sun. Our chosen one. A new life on the sun. We flew toward the light until our retinas erased. Through a land of no night to our holy place. And as all things were washed in white a new world came clean. Children of light. Red shepherd of a hot, hot flock. Fields bow at my hand. Hills burn at my name. First man on the sun. Last man on the sun.
Mirrormaker 04:29
If this life is a journey my path has begun to skew. In the rubble of a building all time was born anew. Every shade of the spectrum now dwells inside the mind. The numbers and symbols will fade away in time. In vapor of the metal the poison found a way. The secret mirror I'll take to an early grave. As the windows swing hinges the lanterns flicker light. The sheets tighten o'er me and I drown into the night.
Moss Lord 07:10
The Moss Lord wasn't one to brag. His kids were spoiled brats. His wife was a hag. The Ant King of the Great Salt Maze. His workers died in droves. His people sang his praise. The Ant King of that great maze. His children bathed in the sweat of a thousand slaves. The Ant King of that great maze. His wife cried herself to sleep while he fucked in caves. The Stone Wizard sounded the ram's horn from the cliff. It echoed down the hills with a seismic shift. Change had come to this ancient world. Rust can't erode a new hope unfurled. The Poet's words carried a great weight. On a wave of wine and ink she held the people's fate. "Our toils for salt must be our past. Every worker's widow deserves a new path." "Summon the Moss Lord. Learn the secret of glass." The Moss Lord angered Father Sky. He got down on one knee and he begged "Why?" That night he dreamed of fortune in trash. Our moss will be the greatest glass. That day he found his fortune in trash. Our moss became the greatest glass.
Moss Witch 07:47
As the sun rose o'er the mossy cliff the Lord posed proud and stiff. Samphire filled the air. Wealth rained on every prayer. The people came from the old Salt Maze. There was none to blame but the moss craze. They filled the fields with livestock. They flooded the alleys and sidewalks. The bred goats and raised barns. The bore sons with their old charms. They hammered fence with no thought of the expense. But deep in the wood the migrants were heard. The call of their song such evil had stirred. A once quite marsh now children explored. The stomps of their feet stuck a chord. The claws of their hands struck a wicked chord. The Moss Witch asleep in the sludge. That old bitch awoke with a grudge. The Moss Witch, she smelled goat blood. That old bitch, covered in mud. The Moss Witch crawled up the hill. That old bitch, dressed to kill. They had no idea just what they had done. An ignorant daughter. An innocent son. She slit the throat of every goat. She burned the crops and dried the moat. She scaled the walls and haunted one and all. The Moss Lord had to act. His best knights swore a pact. Defend the land at every cost. Protect the people and guard the moss. This was his last decree: "Every murdered goat goes to hell. Every lovely goat that you knew well. Bring me the Moss Witch's skull. Hack up her corpse until your blades are dull." We claimed that Moss Witch's head. We sent that wench to the land of the dead.


Dryland Family Band© full-length audio recording.


released February 25, 2017


Brad Lockhart: Vocals
Ryan Clapper: Guitar
Ryan Greer: Guitar
Hollie Huthman: Bass
Luke Greer: Drums

Engineered by Erik Wallace at The Unknown in Anacortes, WA.
With assistance by Brendan Silk

Additional recording and mixing in Erik's parent's basement in Bellingham, WA.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR.

Cover photo by Samantha Muljat in Los Angeles, CA.

Album design by Brad Lockhart at Lariat Creative in Bellingham, WA.


all rights reserved



DRYLAND Bellingham, Washington

Dryland formed in the fall of 2014. Members Brad, Clapper, Ryan and Hollie are here to play you some loud, long, crunchy songs full of thunderous riffs and epic, storytelling lyrics.

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